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HTC VIVE Launches VIVE Pro for Enterprise VR Market

Avatar Clifton Dawson Management, Training & Simulation, Virtual Reality

HTC VIVE™ today announced the VIVE Pro Virtual Reality System specifically built for commercial users. The VIVE Pro provides a room-scale VR system that has higher resolution, improved audio, and greater comfort than its previous VIVE edition. The VIVE Pro also has extended tracking area and ease of deployment behind a company firewall. Companies such as Airbus, Volkswagen Group, and Raymond …

Why Every Enterprise Needs An XR Strategy Now, Not Later

David Bolton David Bolton Management

The last ten years has seen society undergo a digital transformation. Driven by the ubiquitous computer in the pocket, brands, and marketers can leverage an omnichannel approach to consumers, creating experiences that are no longer limited to a physical space. People expect to have 24/7 access to the information and content that they need. With that in mind, it is generally …