HiScene HiAR G100

HiScene Launches New AR Glasses Paired with Enterprise Communication and Collaboration Tool

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HiScene, a top Shanghai-based provider of AR products and services for enterprises, launched its new AR glasses, the HiAR G100, today. Priced at $2,699, the HiAR G100 is being marketed to clients for use in the aviation and aerospace, power, automotive manufacturing, and education industries. As one of China’s first mass-produced binocular AR smart glasses, HiAR G100 provides superior brightness, heat dissipation, …


Why Every Enterprise Needs An XR Strategy Now, Not Later

David Bolton David Bolton Management

The last ten years has seen society undergo a digital transformation. Driven by the ubiquitous computer in the pocket, brands, and marketers can leverage an omnichannel approach to consumers, creating experiences that are no longer limited to a physical space. People expect to have 24/7 access to the information and content that they need. With that in mind, it is generally …